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The Château

The various buildings that make up the Castle were built at different times. Every successive owner since the beginning of the construction in 1740 have added their own contributions to the Château. The Duke of Belle-Isle, the Duke de Penthièvre and Louis-Philippe, last king of the French participated in the embellishment of the Château de Bizy that you see today.


When standing in the centre of the courtyard, facing the stables built in 1741 by the Architect Constant d'Ivry for the Duke de Belle-Isle, don't miss the splendid view of the fountains. 
The salons are renown for their 18th century woodwork and their Gobelins tapestries

of the Royal Houses series. Souvenirs from the First French Empire collected by the descendants of the Marshal Suchet, Duke of Albufera are shown throughout the visit. Today, the Château is lived in by the daughter of the 5th Duke of Albufera. 


Follow the guide to visit the 19th century apartments (Grand Salon, Petit Salon, Terrace, Antichambre and Dining room) who will be happy to introduce the castle and answer any of your questions.

The inside of the castle can only be viewed with a guide. 

Grand salon avec visiteurs (1024x683)
Chateau de Bizy renaissance
Chateau de Bizy visite historique
Chateau de Bizy visite groupe
Chateau de Bizy caleche collection
Chateau de Bizy visite enfant groupe
Chateau de Bizy statue fontaine
Promenade de Venus Chateau de Bizy
Parc a l'anglaise Chateau de Bizy
Parc à l'anglaise Chateau de Bizy
Parc à l'anglaise
Jardin château de Bizy
Cheval Marin Chateau de Bizy
Neptune fontaine château de Bizy

The Gardens

The Park of the Château de Bizy is classified as a Historic monument and is ideal for a pleasant walk in a spectacular setting. 

The park is divided into three areas you can discover freely:

Visit the fountains to see the details of the sculptures such as the marine horses and Neptune giving you a magnificent viewpoint. The fountains were not maintained during the Second World War, however they allow you to imagine the baroque splendour of the 18th century.

The Venus walk is an ancient French garden. The statue of Mars, God of War and agricultural guardian invites you to follow the walk where you meet the goddess Venus silently guarding the top of the avenue leading the Château de Bizy directly to the river Seine. 

The English style Park, le kitchen garden and the cowshed.

caleche chateau de Bizy

Horse Carriage

Discover a collection of six horse carriages dating back to the 19th century.


Until not so long ago, they were used by the inhabitants of the Château de Bizy.

salon de the boutique produit locaux
salon de the chateau de bizy
Produits Normands locaux chateau
Boutique  & salon de the Bizy

Boutique & Tea Room

We offer a selection of drinks and sweets to be enjoyed in our tea room as well as a variety of local Normandy products in our boutique.

Our tea room is set amongst the horse carriages or outside, in the courtyard (depending on the weather) to relax during your visit. You can of course decide to take them into the gardens to enjoy the sun!

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